trayle today 
Aug/16/2006 14:22

On the new front page you will find an overview of the latest Trayles that are about activities. They give you a quick way to find the latest info on where to go diving in Mexico, on the best hikes in the Moroccan Atlas or where to go snowboarding in Gerlos. So if you write about your hiking, biking, skiing or fishing trip, be sure to trayle them.

Aug/04/2006 13:21

We have set up a FAQ list. If you have any questions you don't find here, send me a mail and I will update the list. Together with the How To Trayle blog it should give you an excellent introduction to how to trayle.

How to trayle
Aug/04/2006 12:09

For new traylers we have setup a How To Trayle. It contains practical pointers on what you should do to make a good trayle.

We think it's a good starting point for first time traylers.