up there 
Aug/05/2007 22:37

I arrived in Montréal on june 28th 2005, went to immigration to get my visa. 

I was going to work as a volunteer in northern Québec for the next 3 weeks, and I had to meet my fellow volunteers in Montréal. 

There is street there called la rue Saint Denis, with lots of pubs, restaurants that kind of stuff, we met there for a beer, and the next day we left for a 1 200 km drive up to fermont.


Montréal is big, crowded, it is all perpendicular streets like in a movie from the US.

I stayed at two hostels there: le collège français, which is probably the cheapest place in town (15 $ a night in dorm), I like that, and l'auberge alternative du vieux montréal, which is more expensive, but really nice with a good kitchen in a beautiful place.


How I thought about it
Aug/05/2007 22:20
It all started one boring night when I was watching one of this weird  movies you can only find on ARTE. It was a movie from Québec and it made me thought, it would be nice to go to Canada, so I checked the internet, found out you can get a one year working visa and applied for it. Then I left.