The Beginning
May/27/2007 00:35

My travels started when I was 8 days old, my family were army so shortly after I was born we moved from Auckland to Lower hutt. 3 years and no memories later we moved to Dunedin where I went to kindergarten and then on to school. It only lasted 5 years in Dunedin but I always remember it as a great place to live. A short trip to Christchurch and one night in a motel and we were off for the best 2 years of my life, Singapore . An overnight in Sydney on the way where I saw a guy throw himself through a shop window so he could say the police did it and get off the charge he was arrested for, then on to Singapore. The first thing that you notice when you are getting off the plane, and you don't get this now with airbridges, is the incredible heat. It knocks you back into the plane which was nicely air conditioned for us so we had the most extreme temperature difference you could get. You see it was August, and Dunedin and Christchurch are around zero degrees celcius in the dead of winter and Singapore was in the midst of it's hottest month and around 40 degrees at mid day.

We went to our hotel and checked in and were told of the pool on the roof so we went and changed immediately and went up onto the roof and swam in the pool for a few hours. Hey, nobody told us the sun could burn you, remember, we were from Dunedin. Well, when we got back to the room our mother took one look at us and went to the shops to buy some sun lotion and proceeded to put it on our faces which burnt more then the sun did and I went screaming to the bathroom to wipe it off. It was the best thing I could do as this seemed to make my skin turn brown and I never got sunburnt again while I was in Singapore. That tan stayed with me for 3 years after leaving and I still miss it.

That was the start of my travels as I enjoyed flying on the DC8 and DC10 aircraft and had a great time exploring the new country we found ourselves in even though we were told to be careful, it was the safest I ever felt anywere. The next blog contains my times in Singapore for 2 years.