Life's too short not to 
May/21/2007 06:51
From Noosa to Brisbane, the last stop on the East coast for me. Brisbane in my opinion is shit, a very boring city that just does'nt inspire! there are alot of cultural things to do - don't get me wrong but it just was'nt alive for me. From Brisy i flew back to cairns and i'n currently in Auckland NZ. 
Mar/30/2007 08:39
Hey i'm in Noosa   now and the weather is beuatiful. the town of Noosa is reall nice, good beaches and lots of water around. Alot of the houses here are built on the river bank and it apears that it is easier to get around on a boat than in a car, the river is like the main road with lots of differenr streets and cul-de-sacs where you drive you're boat along and park on you're own jetty......MONEY baby!! there are some real nice places to eat including the best sishi that i have had in a while (bar Sushi). Definetly worth a visit, if you getgood weather you will love it. 
Mar/28/2007 05:22
The town of makay  is shit, dont go there unless you have to!! we took a trip to Eungela national park to see some platapus which we did'nt manage to see after all! the scenery around the national park is worth the visit and there are alot of watering holes to go swiming in if you get the weather. there are also some good walks to take through the rainforrest but you have to wear good hiking boots as it is not paved.
Agnes water
Mar/28/2007 05:02

i have to start backtracking now to fill in all the places that i have been, Agnes water and the town of 1770 is one of the most chilled out places that i've been on the way down the coats. it remains a quaint little town, not overly exposed to the backpacker trial of the coast but rather a well worthy de-tour. there are around 4 hostels and between 10 and 20 backpackers come and go per day. the whole vibe of the place is to chill out and enjoy the surroundings. with the cheapest activities and tours that i have come across like a 2 hour scenic flight for $65 and a 3 hour scooter tour of the place, ending with a beer,sunset and a chance to see dolphins for only $30. Agnes is well worth a visit!!

it begins
Mar/27/2007 09:41
Better late than never to start a travel blog, so i will begin mine here in Hervey bay Australia. Hervey is the gateway to Fraser Island , the biggest sand island in the world. i'm just back from a three day camping and walking expedition to the island and i'm still picking sand out of my pockets!! the island is beautifull with some amazing things to see like the champagne rockpools, huge fresh water lakes and extensive rainforrest with some pretty big and ugly bugs. tomorrow i'm heading south to Noosa where i will go to the Aussie zoo, home of the late Steve Irwin.