You like to travel. You like to write about it, you like to read about it. Great! You're just the person we are looking for.

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Sign up with us and we give you everything. The Trayle blog software is the best travel blog software on the web. You can post your travel stories anywhere, but with us you can show your travel stories on the map so the people back home can see exactly where you are and where you came from.

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The best source of up to date information is what people write on their own personal weblogs. We collect that information and because of the Trayle weblog software we know exactly what they are blogging about. So you can find out the bars that are the craze in Amsterdam, the pubs you shouldn't miss in Dublin and the lowdown on where to shop in Bangkok.

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We will select the best travel deals for you. We work with partners that give travellers the best value for money, not with partners that give us the best kick-back. And for our top Traylers: they can earn free trips just by writing and helping us make Trayle the best resource for travellers.

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If you want to know more about Trayle and about the background, we have a couple of trayle blogs that give the most important information. Check out the blog Bas has written about how it all started or check out the Trayle Today blog